Simple HTTP(s) <> MQTT(s) Bridge (with WS(s) support).

Configure your MQTT client to this broker with the following parameters :

1. Set the host and port as the following :
2. Set any username and password you want. Use the same login/password on all your MQTT clients.
   If you leave the username and password blank, other users may have access to your published/subscribed topics.

3. You can publish string payload to your topic from an HTTP GET request like :
                    Host                     Topic                          Parameters
4. You can publish to multiple topics at the same time using a POST request like :
                    Host                       Parameters
  • Host : This is the base URL
  • Parameters :
    • username : Your MQTT username
    • password : Your MQTT password
  • Return : The body content indicates the number of messages published
   Send your topic's payloads using the POST request body using the following format :